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    Effecting Acquisition

    Our professional network of accountants, lawyers, bankers, business owners, real estate professionals,and other merger and acquisition professionals provides us with a constant flow of wide ranging quality business opportunities. The majority of these opportunities have not, and will not be marketed to the general public.  Confidentiality is supreme in Business Sales, and most transactions will take place as a result of networks and contacts. 

    We take both a pro-active and reactive approach when it comes to matching a buyer with a business.  Should our database of opportunities not meet the buyer’s requirements, we will actually target potential candidates for acquisition.  We combine our extensive networking capabilites with our inner knowledge of the businesses that would be available for purchase at the right price, to target specific businesses.  This unique and innovative approach that often leads to an ideal match of business and entrepreneur is known as Effecting Acquisition.

    Our acquisition team will source out opportunities, and compile a list of candidates. We will engage the candidates on this list, and determine which of the businesses are viable candidates for purchase. We will then begin a discussion process with the selected businesses that will lead to negotiations, hopefully resulting in a transaction benefitting both parties involved.


    This creative strategy of ours has been implemented due to the following facts:

    * Although a business owner may wish to sell his business, he is unlikely to make the effort to do so. Without a broker, it is a process that can be intimidating, costly, and all encompassing and time consuming.

    * The majority of business owners, even though their business is not listed for sale, would sell if an acceptable offer were presented.

    * If a potential buyer does not utilize the services of an active Broker, and simply waits for the ideal business to become available, it is unlikely that it will ever be found.

    Why use a business broker to sell your business? 

    Why should a buyer use a broker?

    Contact us to learn more about how we are able to locate the ideal business opportunity for you.

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