Secret Shopper

    There is not a more effective method that a client can use to gain insight into its business than by using an under-cover source, also known as a secret shopper.  Employees are always on their best behaviour when the boss is present, and when they are aware that they are being watched.
    OConnor Consultants will ‘shop’ the business in a covert manner to address its weaknesses and threats, and report back to the client the results of the shop. We will show the client how the business is operating from the customer’s point of view. We will present an inside look at the quality and consistency of product and service, and let you know if your customer’s experience is a positive one, or a negative one.
    Typically, we recommend at least three shops to be able to provide to the client a true picture of the organization. We have various methods available, and work with the client prior to the visit to understand specific areas that may be of concern. We will develop a pre-shop strategy that will use our methods and knowledge, combined with the client’s input and direction, to be able to provide the most accurate assessment possible. We will provide to the client the results of our shops, and our recommendations and strategy for repairing the problem areas.

    Secret Employee

    Under certain circumstances, we recommend that a client take advantage of our Secret Employee Program, under which we will place someone on your payroll to report on the inner workings and goings-on of your business. This is often viewed as a more extreme measure to take, but it is simply the most effective way to ‘see’ and ‘hear’ inside a business. A client will be able to determine levels of integrity, honesty, loyalty, and trustworthiness. 
    Who can this service help?
    We recommend this program to clients that are:

    - Considering expanding their operation, and are looking to build an effective, loyal team to assist with the expansion.
    - Planning on promoting an employee
    - Looking to address a theft of product or theft of cash issue, that may be involving one or more employees
    - Searching for evidence of drug use
    - Concerned about inappropriate employee or management/employee relationships
    - Looking to address productivity and integrity matters. Are employees signing in and out at incorrect times, taking longer than authorized breaks?
    - Looking for evidence of non-compliance on policies and procedures
    - Noticing that cash flow is simply less than it should be, and would like to investigate the reason why.
    - Interested in viewing ‘behind-the-scenes’ activity within their business


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