Human Resources Management

    Who can this service help?
    We consult our clients in many aspects of Human Resource operations and planning, including Compensation & Benefits Plans, conflict management, and Development of HR Policies and Procedures. OConnor Consulting can help your organization deal with Human Resource issues and challenges that confront your organization on an everyday basis.
    Most Human Resource departments these days need some kind of outside support and consultation to help them provide a high level of expertise and service to their very demanding internal customers. We can serve as that expert in a number of different areas.
    What are the key benefits of this service?

    We can offer you a wealth of experience, drawing on our own management experience as business owners. In addition, we have an extensive Associate’s Network which allows us to easily bring in experienced, proven talent to tackle just about any Human Resources consulting project, minimizing the time you have to spend outsourcing project work.

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