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    Individual, Team, Organizational Assessments

    Who can this service help?
    This service is designed to help our clients better understand themselves and others.
    We use a variety of assessments that allow for self-examination and analysis in the areas of: interpersonal style; problem-solving style; communication style; conflict-management style; stress-management style; leadership style; team-player style; etc. Assessments can be done on an individual, team or organizational level.

    Individual & Team Assessments

    Assessments provide measurements of the performance and potential of your employees, either individually or as members of a team. Information collected is useful in identifying areas requiring attention or additional support through training and development programs. Our assessments are made using a number of approaches, including observations and interviews, to get the most accurate and complete results possible for individuals and teams being assessed. An aspect of our observational approach includes the introduction of our Secret Shopper Program , and in some instances a client may choose to incorporate our Secret Employee Program.

    Organizational Assessments

    Assessments are helpful from an organizational perspective as they provide insights that lead to improvements in processes, plans, and strategies. We utilize interviews and surveys, involving employees, management and customers, so that our clients get a balanced perspective of their business from the inside and out.

    What are the key benefits of this service?

    Assessments play a very important part in the consulting process. Through a variety of assessments, we are able to help our clients gain a better understanding and awareness of individual, team and organizational strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Knowledge is power…the power to change, to grow and to become more effective and productive. 

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