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    Operations and Business Growth

    Who can this service help? 

    Each business has a product to sell, and a customer to please.
    New business owners can become overwhelmed, and experienced business owners can find themselves in a rut of stagnation and bad habits. Every business that exists can benefit from a set of fresh eyes and ears, and expertise, to point out areas of weakness and deficiency.
    This service is designed to help our clients better understand the day-to-day operational deficiencies within their organization. We will assess the operational aspects of the business including: staffing, inventory, cost controls, marketing & promotions, productivity, and customer/client service and relations.
    Our experts will itemize each area of a client’s operation that needs immediate attention, some fixable within minutes, others requiring more effort and time, such as effective measurement of productivity, or a re-vamping of the product list and the related costing and pricing.
    We are experts in effective marketing techniques. We will learn your ‘brand’ and the target market, and develop a promotional strategy that will generate revenue. We train the client on how to sell their product more effectively, how to find new customers, and how to keep its new and existing customers. 

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