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    Talent Management

    Who can this service help?
    Talent Management is defined as strategies to attract, retain and develop talent within organizations. Clients who employ us for these services have issues or needs in one or all of these areas; they are so closely tied together that it is almost impossible to address one area without also addressing the others. We work with companies to help them identify high-potential employees within their organization and develop systems to qualify, quantify and benchmark their performance. In addition, we help our clients with performance management, succession planning, compensation, reward and development programs that will increase the probability of retaining their ‘stars’.
    What are the key benefits of this service?

    It is important for organizations to attract and retain the best. We can help you develop a Talent Management program that will allow your business to become:
    * The employer of choice in your specific industry
    * An organization where continuous learning, professional growth and career progression is encouraged and fully supported through action
    * An organization where human capital is valued, appreciated and nurtured
    What specific Talent Management services does OConnor Consulting offer?

    Much of our work in Talent Management involves developing:
    *Recruitment strategies - research sources for talent, enhance hiring practices, training in behavioral interviewing methods, etc.
    * Job design & descriptions - competency modeling
    * Retention strategies - performance management systems including performance feedback, career planning, succession planning
    * Intern programs - developing a pipeline for full-time talent
    * Organizational structure and strategy - determining the structure that will best help you meet both your organizational needs and the needs of your employees

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