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FRANCHISING - Is it for you?

Are you a business owner who would like to start franchising your established business?

The Directors of OConnor Consulting have direct experience as Franchisees, and as Sub Franchisor/Master Franchisees for an international Franchise. In addition, we have been involved in the development of Franchise Systems and Models. We can offer a great deal of expertise in the area of Franchising, and offer assistance in developing your system. We will assist with the creation/perfection of your standards and formulas, and with the building of your manual. We will determine which markets should be considered for expansion, and assist with business location. We will also provide direction in sourcing and screening potential franchisees.
Utilize our expertise as it is needed, rather than hiring a full time Franchise Director.

Are you looking to buy or start or business, and are considering buying a franchise?

There are advantages and disadvantages to purchasing an established franchise. We have first hand knowledge of the good and the bad, as well as familiarity with the companies that are progressive and a good investment. We can recommend which ones should be considered based on your experience and abilities, and on the current and future growth potential of the company. We will also recommend which ones should be avoided. We can provide additional research on specific companies that you are considering, and use our experience to determine viability and potential. We will add our market expertise to the mix, and although a business may be profitable in other markets, we will let you know whether or not the franchise will succeed in your specific market.
Contact us for a free consultation, or browse available franchise opportunities.

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