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Sell a Business

Would you like to sell your business?

With our past experience and success in selling businesses throughout Winnipeg and Manitoba, our aim is to offer a high level of professional service which is tailored to the exact needs of your business. Our fresh, innovative and progressive approach is unrivaled in the industry and delivers maximum shareholder returns. 
Selling your business could be the most important and largest financial transaction you will ever make. For many owners, selling the business they’ve spent years building up can be emotionally difficult and at times extremely stressful. Unless you have sold other businesses previously, you will have no other experiences to draw on and will need to bring an expert in to guide you through the process.
The OConnor approach to selling a business is to maximize shareholder value. This is achieved by fully understanding the value of your business, and then proactively marketing the benefits to strategically motivated purchasers. By generating a significant number of strategically motivated buyers for our clients, we control negotiations at each step resulting in significantly improved sale prices, shorter timelines, and the most favourable terms possible.
Focusing on businesses valued between $100,000 and $40 million, OConnor’s team of Brokers brings the personal experience of buying and selling their own businesses along with their strategic consulting backgrounds.
If you would like to sell your business in Winnipeg, Manitoba or beyond, contact us for more information.  You can learn more about our Approach To Selling your business and start your journey with OConnor Business Brokers with a free business evaluation.

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