Why Should a Seller Use a Business Broker

    Using a Business Broker on the sale of a business has a number of distinct advantages

    *Demonstrates clear intent to a buyer. It shows that you are serious about selling.
    *An experienced Broker will ensure your business is as prepared as possible. He is familiar with the requirements and expectations of a typical buyer, and will ensure your business is as appealing as possible.
    *Provides the necessary focus and prevents drift. The focus of your Broker is on one thing only, Selling Your Business.
    *Using a Broker to sell your business allows you and your management team to focus more on the business, ensuring that it remains profitable and appealing to buyers.
    *Provides scale - A Broker has the ability to, and will approach many buyers to solicit interest at once. More buyers leads to a faster sale, and a higher sale price.
    *A Broker helps retain control, timeline, and dictates pace.
    *A Broker is experienced in negotiation and will negotiate the best terms possible for you. This will also lead to a competitive bidding process amongst potential buyers.
    *The more experienced Brokers will utilize established Networks and strategic relationships. This will save time and improve likelihood of success by quickly talking to the right people or organizations. The majority of business owners do not know where to begin when considering selling. It may take months to even begin to tap into the right buying market.
    *A Business Broker is able to maintain Confidentiality while aggressively marketing your business. Business Owners make the mistake of 'spreading the word', leading to negative perceptions of the business, and decreasing the likelihood of a sale.

    To learn more about how we can assist with the sale of your business, contact us today for a free evaluation. If you wish, we can confidentially list your business on our 'businesses for sale' page.

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